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K_Kinnison, yes, i understand. I just talking about everything directly, without those "diplomatic words". I just very well understand what exactly Kremlin wants and what exactly hides behind words of Putin and Lavrov. When i say that West supports the terrorists, then i'm right. If i'm not, then where from the terrorists gets NATO arms, why those "club of friends of Syria" exists and why does western media only blames Al Assad, preferring to show the terrorists as freedom fighters? Why does State Secretary of they United States directly says that "Russia and China will pay for their position of defending of Al Assad"?

When Kremlin officially states that "there's need more careful and detailed investigation", then if translate it from "language of diplomacy" it means only one thing: we don't trust western experts, they will make that conclusions that Washington order them to make. More, Russia says it because of we had lot of our own experience of "Western truth". And who said you about those "blasting whole area"? Fox News? Oh yeah, these guys are very well known for their honest words. More, the blame of using of chemical weapon goes from the United States that's Government are also known as guys who always lies and never keeping their words. Examples? Sure. In 1991 US Government promised us that they will never join Eastern European countries to NATO. They did. US Government promised us to never spread their military objects into territory of ex-Soviet Union. They did. US Government promises us to never place anti-missile defense in the Europe. They did. US Government breaks International Law bombing independent countries in following of fake blames, like it was in 1999 with Serbia, for example. US directly falsifies the facts and invades into countries, committing genocide of people, like it was in Iraq. And i even not talking about those lying flow of sh!t that falls on our heads from US media.

Russians have very good proverb about it: lie once, and nobody would never believe you anymore. America lied for many times, and whole the World saw this lie. Honest word of the USA costs cheaper than paper where these honest words are written - this is the logic of Kremlin.

That's why i want to ask you to don't treat words of Lavrov directly. In language of diplomacy it mean "No, we don't trust you. Invade Syria and face very serious consequences. This time we won't let the USA to commit next one act of international cannibalism.".

Sorry about telling all of it as directly and in as rough and maybe even humiliating words. But we are here not in diplomatic uniforms, so i think we can to feel free to speak about everything as it is.

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