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This is the combo i had come up with:

(as per your recommendation, is this correct?)

(Price saving combo with the processor, ~300$)

Power Supply:
(Would this be good? It can be bundled with my shell for around 100$ less than buying them both separate.)

Graphics Card:

Sound Card:

Also on my list is a solid state 256gb for the os and games, and a 2tb storage drive, 16(or 8, depending on final budget)gb of RAM, a CD drive & BluRay drive. I feel like i'm missing something else important too.
I don't really have a set budget, and my current resolution is 720p 1600X900, but i plan on getting a new monitor in the near future. 1080p.

Also i'm unsure of what speed of RAM i should use.

I am unsure if these all will fit together well and also, if i can save any cash that would be good, but i really don't want to lose out on much performance. I'd like this to last without too much upgrades through the next few years as I am starting college soon. And, because i'm a gaming nerd i'd like to be able to run games on highest settings for as long as i can push it.
As for kotor modding, i have a desktop i prefer to do that with.

Currently the price is stiing around 1600$

By the way, thanks so much for helping with this!

I was re-looking at SSD drives and i am unsure of what one i should get. I'm stuck on these:
The one is quite a bit more money than the other, but it seems to be higher rated. I'd be open to an entirely different one as well.

I'm starting to deem my graphics card, which was nvidia actually, as not worth the price. I'm looking for a card that can support HDMI, 3 monitor support, and powerful enough to last me a while playing the newest game on highest graphics with any enhancement mods for a while.
The card i had been considering was but i think that it's not worth the price to what i need it to do. Suggestions? I would like to keep it a nvidia too if possible.

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