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I am here to tell you a story. The story starts out something like this: There was once a Kotor modder named Supreme Kotor who was very new to the lucasforums when he discovered the Community Project: Holiday Mods. Supreme Kotor liked the idea very much so much infact that he wanted to contribute, but alas Supreme Kotor did not have the experiance to make anything for the Easter Release this made him sad. Then a new day dawned the announcement of the summer release . Supreme Kotor was excited to make something for the project. Then Supreme Kotor saw Scorges post and was afraid no one else would make anything and Supreme Kotors Beloved Prjoect would die. Yet still he made something something called Summer Narsahdaa where there are kickable beachballs (That was a major pain) and there was sand on the ground. Wow that was a lot to type -_- bassicly I got some screenshots here of what im working on the Beachballs will come soon enough I can't release all the fun in one post .

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