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Im on my phone right now so I can't give you the dlg.tlk numbers but I can give you a tutorial on how to make your own Scoundral to Smuggler

Step 1: Download KotorFindRefs,TalkEd, and TSLPatcher. LINK TO ALL THREE HERE

Step 2: Open up KotorFindRefs set game to TSL or Kotor select allow partial matches and search tlk only.

Step 3: Type in smuggler it should show you the dlg.tlk line smuggler is located on. REMEMBER THIS NUMBER

Step 4: Open up TalkEd go down to the number you got in step 3

Step 5: Click on that line and go up to tools and hit edit selected entry.

Step 6: Edit that entry to save Smuggler

Step 7: Make a new folder named whatever you want

Step 8: Inside your new folder make another folder named exactly: tslpatchdata

Step 9: Follow the rest of the steps that come in the read me with TSLPatcher to get it to work with other dlg.tlk files.

Step 10: Hope I explained this well enough for you if I didnt I will be home later and will be able to better assist you then.

Enjoy- Supreme Kotor

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