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Jedi Master's Full Robes

I've been wanting this for a while, and have even decided to try and learn how to mod so I can make them myself, but if anyone else out there is willing to pick up the project as well, that'd be great.

Basically, I re-watched the prequels, and have decided that I want some Jedi robes that look like the full things Qui-gon or Obi-Wan wore. I'm thinking a basic Jedi Knight robe model with a dark brown hood and cape (stolen from the Revan's Robe model, obviously without the mask), but, never having modded anything before, I have no idea how feasible that is (I was also considering trying to make it a flowing cape, but again, no idea if that's possible or permitted).

If someone does do this, making the robes a replacer of the Qel-Droma model would be best for my game (and I sorta feel like those robes deserve a unique model).

If not, I'll continue trying to create them myself. Thanks!
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