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Imaldi, even though I spent 6 years in college I still have not the faintest idea of what your sig means!

"The Bible can be a noun or an abreviation.
(B)asic (I)nfo (B)efore (L)eaving (E) arth"

"-Zork on The Bible

"Confidence is a two-way sort of deal. If you are confident you will do well and you don't, you'll be regretful. If you're confident you'll do well and you do, then where's the suprise? But if you're negative about it, and you do not do well, you'll know that it was coming, and if you're negative and you do do well, you'll be excited!'

-Zork on Confidence

"No, I didn't break the lamp. I was at Timmy's House. Huh? Oh yeah, Timmy moved... That's right. Well, I was at Ryan's house.

-Zork on Honesty

"The world is nothing but a giant round soccer ball, just wating, waiting, to explode. Then, out of the blue, it will EXPLODE!"

Zork on Philosphy

"I'm 20% me, 20% Mom, 21% Dad, 8% Mike Tyson, and 30% Mr. Personality. Umm, where's the other 1%?

Zork on Math

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