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Star Forge Bug

I have got only one character to the Star Forge, a DSF with a bunch of mods, including Brotherhood of Solomon: Shadow's Revenge, and RedHawke's Ord Mantell. I didn't actually test either of those out (I wanted to get a complete playthough done first) so I don't know if they're corrupted. Anyways, onto my problem.

Revan just left the Ebon Hawk, went down the long ramp, and then I get the cutscene where the door seals itself behind me, a few seconds of Malak and some random Sith, and then, without any dialogue or anything, the cutscene ends. I go and open both doors, but the Assault Droids behind them aren't hostile. I can't attack them, if I double-click they just turn towards me and nothing happens, and I obviously can't go back to the Ebon hawk and try again.

I've saved, reloaded, even quit the game and gone back in, the only thing I can't do is try from an earlier save because I have the bad tendency to overwrite my old saves. Is my game hopelessly corrupted, or is there a way around this?

Please help. Thanks.
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