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Valek woke up in a daze. He clamored around until he located his lightsaber, putting it back on his hip. Getting up, he held his blaster rifle as he rushed down the hallway, going back the way he came. After a few minutes, he opened a door that lead to the room where everyone else was. Fortunately, they were all on the opposite side of the room.

He knew something was off, and as he slowly walked closer, he saw the unmistakeable robes of a Sith - as well as some ignited sabers. He stealthily crept around boxes and was able to shield himself from the Force due to his (somewhat) loss of sensitivity to it. He got close enough that he was within blaster range, and suddenly leapt from the box he was hiding behind to only a few meters behind the Sith.

"Release the kid, or I will shoot you.", Valek said, failing to check if his power pack had any energy left in it.

((This is utter rubbish, but oh well. I had to jump back in some time.))

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