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Originally Posted by supreme kotor View Post
Maybe it's about time I cleaned some of the dust off this thread. (Spray Spray Wipe Wipe) *That was me cleaning off this thread* Now for some screens:

Started work on the Unifications Crew Quarters today and personally im liking what im seeing:

When you first walk in

One of the four rooms

Just a hallway

One of thoose computer rooms

The Med Lab

Technicial update: Well thoose screen shots were for thoose of you that well... like screenshots. For thoose of you that are more intrested in the rest of the stuff heres some of what I did while I was away; Placed alot of NPC's, learned how to make NPC's walk waypoints, Wrote some dialog, Im also sending some of the dialog to LDR this weekend so yeah...

My little side notes: I am also working on Holiday Mods, I encurage anyone who want's to to work on it as well. Also I don't know if it's just Imageshack or what but the module is ALOT brighter in game? And I know I lied about the NPC screen shots but I just really wasn't happy with alot of them so I umm scraped them all .

Enjoy- Supreme Kotor
I'm also liking what I'm seeing! I haven't really tried too hard to learn waypoints but I should. I can help if you want dialogue critiqued and/or revised.

So have you not found the little computer screen texture, or just not gotten around to editing it? My other tutorial was about accessing the games original texture .txi info if you're having issues with them not animating after texturing the.(Hypothetically, the only issue with editing those files is re-sizing them, since .txi files animate by being told how big a frame is and how many there are horizontally and vertically.)

All of my mods are available on Deadlystream.

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