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Originally Posted by Vindikorr View Post
Looking nice, one thing though: the doors look a lot darker than the rest of the skin, I guess this is to do with aurora lighting in the module which will be dark because it's the harbinger. I would suggest messing around with the lighting or making new door textures that are lighter.

Keep up the good work!
Thanks and yeah I will work on the doors thanks for pointing that out.

Originally Posted by GeorgNihilus View Post
Nice job. Now ... how about your advances about triggers, journal entries and the dialogs, dude? percentages?

keep up the good work
Nope I won't give percentages because they might have gone down the unification was just going to be kind of a placeholder but I've decided to add some side quests to it.
Originally Posted by Scorge View Post
Are you gonna put up my reskin soon? Can't wait to see it with the new lightmaps.
Yep I'm actually still working on the light maps I have completly ruined three sets of them trying to make it the best but I can PM you a pic of what I think I'm going to do.

Side note: maybe NPC screens soon? Hmmm I gotta see what my dialog guys think about them...

Until then- Supreme Kotor

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