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I'm dissapointed in you, Imaldi, for 2 reasons:

1. You play N64.
2. I wanted to hear about Tundra Rodents.

However, you may go to Little Priest (Who you'll hear from soon) and confess to him!!!

"The greater of the two powers relies on the servent and the master. The master is never the true master, but a servent of himself."

-Zork on The Bible

"In life, there are no dress rehersals and no practices. You just get out there and hope for the best, because life is not a practice, but the real thing ."

-Zork on Confidence

"No, I did not have an 'inappropriate' relationship with Monica Lewinski."

-Zork on Honesty

"Humans are agressive due to the fact that zing + zang= ying+ yang."

Zork on Philosphy

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