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Originally Posted by Gerevick View Post
I have been absent for a long time, but now I have returned for good and I will post information about my research into the Force Unleashed.

Using a hex editor, it is possible to play as Vader in the PC version of TFU. If the line in the save file which reads playeractor*** is modified to, you will load his model instead.

Now, his model incorporates all his functions, from the way he walks, his light saber style to his breathing audio. The only thing that doesn't work is the force choke and Vader's model gets stuck if you press the dash button. Also, Vader's model freezes when the force lightning duels are enacted, although you can still make him win them.

How to get the force choke to work and the animation to make him interact with the force duel under these circumstances are what I would like us to discuss.
Did you actually get to do that?

I can't do it for some reason.I do what you said and I get StarKiller/whatever.I really want to play as Vader.
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