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Originally Posted by Fair Strides 2 View Post
If you want, I can get back to you with a script later. All you'll have to specify is how much you want healed and how often. An example being 5 points/second or 15 points/3 seconds, okay?
Thanks so much Fair Strides we can do 5 points/second that would be perfect. Just out og my own curiosity I tried to make a script myslef looking at some of the scource scripts does any scripter know if this would work for an instant heal?

My script: (Im sorry if the makes you scripters cry it's prob a bunch of garbage)
#include "k_inc_debug"

#include "k_inc_force"

void main()

int nItem = GetSpellId();
 int nSkill = GetSkillRank(SKILL_TREAT_INJURY);
effect eHeal;
 int bHeal = TRUE;

if(bHeal == TRUE)
eHeal = EffectHeal(nSkill);
ApplyEffectToObject(DURATION_TYPE_INSTANT, eHeal, GetSpellTarget());
 ApplyEffectToObject(DURATION_TYPE_INSTANT, EffectVisualEffect(1000), OBJECT_SELF);

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