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Glad to see the community is still strong.

I just returned to the KOTOR series after 3 years of trying out newer titles. None of them except for Dragon Age: Origins and Fallout: New Vegas, have held my attention long.

The KOTOR series will always be special to me. The first KOTOR was my introduction the vast Star Wars universe. Before KOTOR I had never seen a SW movie, so I never understood it's mystique; until playing the first game.

I'm glad to see the community is still strong, and producing top quality mods. I haven't tried yet TSLRCM, but it will definitely be the first mod installed.
I finally get to play The Sith Lords the way Obsidian intended it.

Also I refuse to purchase TOR, can someone post via spoiler tags the fate of Revan and the Exile?

Also has there been any news of a KOTOR III?
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