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Nice saberhilt there Canderis!
Why don't you go for a very basic mod that involves new modules.
Most planets in the K-games are made of:

- A hub/ landing zone. A place where the Ebon-Hawk or a shuttle can be parked. Fling in a few spaces for a shop or 2 and a Cantina of sorts.

- Follow up with 3 to 4 area models needed for the main quest; Focus on the main quest, keep that one sort of straight to do and don't get bogged down with to many little side quests.

It's what I'm trying to do with my Nar Shaddaa idea. Though I'm already falling in my own devoius ambitious nature. To many clubs to be added

Owh, model areas that have a subject that really interests you. Sith or Mandalorian, both have had differant planets occupied. IRC, the Sith had this fortress on an icey cold planet. It's a bit easier to model if you have sort of theme going.

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