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Originally Posted by supreme kotor View Post
There was seriously NO need to post that. He was just requesting it obviously if he had the skill to do it he would do it for himself, not request it. Do you know what good posting that did you? All you did is make him feel dumb for requesting it. So seriously back off I don't know what you gained from being a jerk. I honestly hope being a dick made you feel good.

-Supreme Kotor
QQ moar, if he'll more requestin he'll be more lazy, this is a truth. And i'm jerk from nature. And? He always can try, modding is not place for charity things.

Forgive me, but you aren't smart one. At frist who should do for him any model/weighting/scripting everything for nothing? Dude, aren't you from cartoon for kids or something? This is real life.
@Down 2
I don't think so Ithorian's model have good weighitng for any animation.

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