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Originally Posted by Darth Sapiens View Post
it works, from kotor2logo.tpc :
"mipmap 0" is what i got, from other textures we get more, what i a=have noticed so-far is that almost every texture has an xbox downsample, though ktools tpc viewer shows gibberish or nothing.
to explain further on how to view this extra info.
1. select a tpc.
2. on ktools right-most panel select hex viewer
a new window shows up
3. you now have the hex on the right and the ANSI translation on the right
4. scroll to the very bottom, in your ansi part you should see things that make sense "clamp 0" "mipmap 0" "xbox_downsample 64"
5. on the bottom of ktools hex viewer you have three options: hex ansi unicode
6. select ansi, the view should change, now your looking at just gibberish,
7. scroll down to the last line, then scroll right until you get to what you notced in step 4.
8. there is your txi info copy and paste from the ansi view and bob's the hobo living on the corner.
Thanks for explaining. Give me a month guys, and I'll have pics to detail the whole process.

You know, I'm amazed that in eight years of modding, I'm the first to report this...
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