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KOTOR II was great even in it's incomplete form. I enjoyed it alot better than KOTOR I and it's cliche storyline. I used to love KOTOR I until I played Neverwinter Nights, KOTOR I is just a nwn rehash. Both games have many similarities such as Malak's design.

Tell me Malak doesn't look like Maugrim?


Darth Malak:

They're many more references to NWN in KOTOR. Such as the Creator race (NWN) and the Rakatan (KOTOR)

I've seen this not only with KOTOR and NWN but any game that Bioware develops, they always use the same cliches.

That is why I take an incomplete game by Obsidian, over a complete one by Bioware any day.

I am convinced that the defunct Black Isle studios who most now work for Obsidian, had more to do with Baldur's Gate 2 than just publish it.

Edit: Didn't realize this was a necro thread.
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