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Originally Posted by Viralfelon View Post
Hello! Im a new member of the forums and I have been watching the project since its conception and after repeatedly playing the demo and reading the forum I have noticed that there is a slight break in the canon.
Corellia wss never ruled by a king but by a council (SWTOR).
I greatly admire your work and I know, to hell with canon.
I would like to point out you can make the Exile male, Revan a female and make both of them dark side. In my calm objective opinion: lets forget about the canon that Bioware came up with that practically ruined Revan and the Exile's story. Revan, one the greatest military leaders (or a great military genius take your pick) in galatic history, one who was described as 'looking into the heart of the Force' could not break out of a jail cell for 300 years. The Exile, someone considered only second to Revan, was turned into a one-hit kill. Now, ranting aside, Obviously not everything will match but I rather like how you can alter a few details here or there. Makes the game less predictable if a game is predictable it will not become a masterpiece. I see a great amount replayability in this.
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