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Canon and New Movies, Your Opinion?

Another Poll Question from Char Ell, so credit, blame goes to him.

In your view how important is it for the new Star Wars movies to not contradict/retcon existing Star Wars canon established by books, comics, and video games of the Expanded Universe set in the time period after Return of the Jedi?

-Utmost importance - the new movies should not retcon anything already established in the post-RotJ EU.

-Fairly important - the new movies should make every effort to not retcon post-RotJ EU but some retcons may be acceptable.

-Indifferent - it's fine if the new movies retcon post-RotJ EU and OK if they don't do any retcons too.

-Not very important - post-RotJ EU isn't much to get excited about, retcons are acceptable and to be expected.

-Not at all important - blow away the entire post-RotJ EU and start fresh!

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