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TOR ate my KotOR
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Most like KotOR - Knight and Sith Warrior

Best Story - Warrior and Agent

Ease of play - any of them if you learn your abilities, use interupts and use CC's.

Best lines and funniest - Female Smuggler.

I bad mouth the trooper on the forum, but really it was a decent story and great dps when I actually learn to play the class. Just I leveled with Lynk and if I would have followed a set rotation, everything would be dead before my 3rd move.

My rank for stories
1. LS Sith Warrior (the one class I will play again for story)
2. Agent
3. Smuggler (really good lines and would be higher, but it is not as epic as the others)
3. Jedi Knight
4. Trooper
5. Jedi Consular (not a bad story, but again not epic and it is missing the funny lines of the smuggler. However it is not terrible, it is the only class so far that I am playing the story for a second time, but not for the story, I want a Sage to go with my shadow.)

Haven't gotten far in the other two imps yet.

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