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-The Old Republic: At this point, it probably ranks as my most played game. Being an MMO, it tends to suck you in and not let you go. And me being a completionist of sorts, I have a hard time leaving things unfinished, which is difficult in a game as massive as TOR.

-Guild Wars: My first MMO and again, it's the kind of game you could play forever. I was quite a bit into PvP back then, and I would put a lot of time into it.

-KotOR 2: I've played this game over and over in the years after it was released. After I grew a bit tired of starting a new game, I still came back because of the mods and testing the restoration project, so it kept me busy for quite a while.

-Pokemon Silver: I would've forgotten about this one if beanlord hadn't mentioned Pokemon in his list. It's been so long, I now feel old. Anyway, I was addicted to this game when I was a kid. I'd lose so much time playing it because I always wanted to be superprepared before facing a gym leader. I'd fight all battles with trainers with only one Pokemon and then level up the others by fighting wild Pokemon to the exact level of my most powerful Pokemon.

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