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Well, you've heard the bit about the food being "not touched by human hands," haven't you...?

Chimps can pick things up, it's just fine manipulation we have problems with. For that we use four-clawed articulated strap-on robotic "helper hands." It's quite a spectacle, all jumping from one end of the line to the other with robotic limbs flying like Doc Octopus and hooting excitedly at the waitresses. A skilled culinary chimp can work a four-human line at peak hours by itself, for only bananas, provided you don't mind a few burned hamburgers and some screeching.

"The entire universe is simply the fractal chaos boundary between intersecting domains of high and low energy."

--Imladil the Cursory

"I want the first thing that goes through my enemy's mind to be bullets."

--Little Jimmy

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