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Onderon Throne Room Dark Side Bug

So I've just killed Master Kavar in the Throne Room on Onderon, and after it shows the cinematic with the Exile using his purple-beam-of-doom thing to drain Kavar of the Force, I regain control of the Exile, the "Lost Jedi" quest updates to tell me I defeated Kavar, and Kavar's body yields remains. Simultaneously, Talia and Vaklu, who up until this point had been dueling with swords, stop fighting. I can then walk around the whole module without any cutscenes triggering, take Kavar's remains, etc. Invisible remains appear at Talia's feet, and when I try to loot them they contain the "Durasteel Bonding Alloy" item from K1 (I've found this in other places throughout this run-through of the game, usually symptomatic of cutscene bugs). None of the NPCs will talk to me, and I can't advance the "Royal Deadline" quest because Talia and Vaklu have become inactive. This essentially leaves me stuck.

Any help? Major mods installed:
TSLRCM 1.8.2
M4-78EP 1.0
Full Force Mod
Heavy Armor Expansion Mod 2.0 (90SK)

Thank you Gorgod.
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