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Rome 2 Total War: after Shogun 2 cleaned up just about every major issue with the total war franchise, I'm really looking forward to burning Rome to the ground and salting the earth

Expeditions Conquistadors: Going to the new world before Cortez, leading a group of conquistadors, missionaries, doctors hunters etc in a game where what you say is as important as your skills with a gun is probably the best game idea I have heard in a long time. Oh, and it's already out on May 30.

Dead State: A zombie Survival RPG made by Brian Mitsoda and friends, where shooting zombies is something you want to avoid, and toilet paper is a luxury item you want to scavenge.

Planetary Annihilation: Remember Supreme Commander? The guy who gave his name to the biggest gun in that game (and was kinda important in making it as well I guess), is making a game about throwing hundreds of robots at each other and crashing asteroids into planets.

Checking out seems not to do much.
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