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Originally Posted by beanlord56 View Post
Is that for the console version, PC version, or the game in general? I highly doubt I can rent the PC version, which is the version I'll be after once I have a rig that can handle it.
I played it on the PC, but I'm talking more about the game in general. The campaign is very very short, like 4-5 hours, so if that's the main reason you'd like to play it, I'd suggest not wasting your money, at least until a serious discount happens.
Also, although the game seems to give you more freedom in your approach in the beginning, you'll realize soon that you won't be able to play quite the way you want to. Visually, it looks good, but the main visual points are the tall grass and bushes, which are everywhere. Everything else looks kind of blurry and not so detailed. Last but not least, there's a game-breaking bug at the very end (which I don't know if they fixed or not) where the final boss can get stuck behind the central obstacle and not attack you, also making you unable to attack it and unable to finish the game. I've heard that the workaround for this can be to restart the last chapter, but I wasn't willing to try it. Overall, I'd say Crysis 2 was far more entertaining.

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