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All right, so a long time ago a user by the name of Captain Hair set out to retexture/remodel most, if not all, of the weapons in the KotOR games. Unfortunately, he never finished this task but he did leave us with one thing - the models and textures for his remake of the basic blaster pistol. So, with his pre-given permission and the model in-hand, I went about to remake all the blasters in KotOR 1 using his model and textures (if you look through his WIP you'll see he was planning on doing much more fancy reskins of the blasters, whereas I did some more basic stuff to get them to best match their vanilla icons. Also, the closer shots are from the opposite angle and facing away from the light source, so the texture's will appear darker than they are).

Basic Blaster Pistol (g_w_blstrpstl001)
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Mandalorian Blaster Pistol (g_w_blstrpstl002)
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Arkanian Blaster Pistol (g_w_blstrpstl003)
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Zabrak Blaster Pistol (g_w_blstrpstl004)
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Bendak's Blaster (g_w_blstrpstl005)
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That's all the blaster pistols for KotOR 1 (Carth's is essentially the Mandalorian blaster in the vanilla, though I might do something special for that). KotOR 2 has a couple more blasters so I'll be releasing pictures of those soon, then hopefully releasing everything, both KotOR 1 and KotOR 2 blasters, by the 1st of June.

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