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Originally Posted by supreme kotor View Post
Thanks Fair Strides 2 you have been helping a lot thanks for that. Now I have a theory; thereticly I could make both of the party members henchmen in the dialog right before the fight and then use the same script with person A=Henchman 1(Party member 1) B=Henchman 2 (Part member 2) and C=the guy were fighting. And then use that to fire unique dialog based on who's still alive?
You might experiment with ChangeStandardFaction and setting it to Friendly 2(Friendly 1 I believe is what party members already are. Could you perhaps discuss by PM what happens before, during, and after the fight?

Aarrggghhh!!! My laptop's been getting "fixed" for almost 3 weeks, and I can't actually fire up K1 or TSl until it is. Maybe not even then, it depends on the graphics card...

Then I could actually help you.

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