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Originally Posted by alcorn1 View Post
Hi guys I am wanting to start modding, since i found the game after i moved houses 3 yrs ago...

Anyway i need some help, kinda like a mentor to get me started.... i havent been able to find the Kotor tool download to even get started?

btw if u want my email, its Deleted, please don't put email addess in public
Here's Kotor Tool. it's the fourth on the page. And I will mentor you as much as I can but I'm no full time mentor an frankly you honestly don't need one post any problems you have in Holowan and plenty of others including myself will help you. Other then that there's lots of tutorials.

How to find awnsers on modding kotor:
Follow the steps in this order:
1)sign in
2)go to search in the upper left hand corner
3) search for what your looking for Ex: reskin, hex edit, head modeling.
4)go to
5) type "" without the parentheses
6) put a space after ".com" and type in your problem you may try typing it in as a question but you probably won't get good results instead I would type it in as a statement.
Example: let's say you want a script that kills someone on the party typing in: " script that kills party" has zero useful results but typinging in " kill script" comes up with many useful killing scripts.
7) still don't have an awnser? Post in Holowan there's many helpful people there and you will have an awnser soon.

So now you say how do I actually start? Well here's a start:
Let's make a simple reskin first.
Tools needed:
1)Kotor 1 or TSL I will be using KotOR 1.
2) gimp or photoshop. Gimp=Free photoshop=$$
3) Kotor tool (Linked Above)

1) open up Kotor Tool
2) Don't Panic!!! Open up kotor 1
3) open ERF's----Texture Packs----swpc_tex_tpa.erf
4) open up P.
5) in an attempt to keep it simple I'm going to reskin T3M4 he's at the very bottem and is called: "P_T3M4_01.tpc
6) go to the upper right corner of Kotor tool click extract file. Save it too your desktop. It should save as a .tga
7) open up GIMP or Photoshop (I use GIMP). And open up your T3M4 we just saved.
8) once open in GIMP go to colors (at the top)--- colorize---slide the hue all the way to 360. Slide the saturation to 75 and slide the lightness to -10.
9) click file---overwrite.
10)using windows explorer browse to your kotor (swkotor is the name on mine) and click new folder name it EXACTLY "Override" (no quotes)
11) put the T3M4.tga we just extracted and revolted in the "Override" folder
12) start up Kotor. And take a look at T3M4 he will look some sort of red color.
Hope this helps and welcome to the forums-Supreme Kotor

Current WIP: Learning to mod Kotor

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