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Originally Posted by Rtas Vadum View Post
The panel texture used for Duxn (at least in the Mandalorian Camp, both in Mandalore's area and the room with the workbench) should be the same one used for Peragus, i.e PER_CPanel.tga.
according to posted screenie, the panel is set against both walls in the corner, so, that's not the Relay dish/workbench room IMHO

however, the texture seems to be the same just staring at both of them

Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post
Has anyone else noticed a problem with that texture in that place when all the settings are maximized?
well, I'm in just 800x600 @ 72 Hz resolution, 8 Sample AA, Anisothropy 8x, Frame buffer effects, Soft Shadows plus V-Sync the 3 set at ON and I do see flickering textures in Dxun mandalorian camp command center which do look actually great (and I'm ehh.... let's say 92% positive that I don't have modded textures in my Override)

But there are no flickering textures in the Relay dish/telemetric computer room ... it seems to be the same texture/s though ...

and that posted screenie doesn't help at all ...

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