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Originally Posted by Fair Strides 2 View Post
<Jaw hits the center of the earth...> GM, you're back....ARE YOU A GHOST?!

Incidentally, me and Darth Sapien are working on your Scrapyard Games mod. Any feedback or ideas would be much appreciated and definitely used. Please PM either of us if you wish to contribute. As it is, I plan to use your original idea for the Skirmish game mode.

If you're here to stay awhile, then welcome back!
Otherwise, hope you're doing well.
Hey! I'm glad it wasn't effort in vain, I just ran out of time to work on the projects. To be honest all my projects now are for the iPhone, and while brushing up on a bit of C I thought back to when I used to write mods for this game and figured I'd have to have a look and see if everyone is still about here aha.

As I recall, the plan for the game mode was the two game types (it's been years so I can't remember the details) we planned on doing a tournament style game in rounds of increasing difficulty and a final horribly difficult boss battle and then epic rewards in the form of SG weapons and armour.. I think I was experimenting with bullet types and stuff to get grenade launchers and lightning guns and other cool stuff that actually made the games worth playing.

Erm, as far as I remember Skirmish was going to be a kill rewards system where by you are faced against waves after waves of enemies and interval boss fights for 100 rounds or as best as you can manage and you get a better reward tiered to 10 round upgrades.

That's as far as I remember, and I'm definitely up for sticking around but I really don't have time to work, I doubt I can even remember much of Bioware's Aurora Engine haha

If you're looking for any of the junk I did a few years ago; you can probably still find it all on filefront
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