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Red face Ikhnaton: Please Read

This post should be over at X-Wing Alliance, but I'm currently banned there.

I don't know why I've been banned, but it seems very suspicious. I don't use Aol, just a small local provider; if some other technical fault is at work, then please disregard this message. Following the conversation we were having in the thread "The Supernatural," taken with the negative slant you were adopting, this action could not have come at more coincidental time...

If you did ban me, then you are in the wrong. I was not using profanity or anything like that, nor was I violating any of the site's rules that I'm aware of; I was simply stating a position that you did not agree with. The irony here is that in the past, when accusations of censorship were leveled here at RS.Net, I was quick to defend the moderators. Again, I must stress that if this was a technical problem of some kind I do not mean this, but if it was because of the sensitivity of the topic, then you have lost my respect.

And, for the record, I do not practice the magic-type stuff I was discussing. I learn about them, because I am curious about how other cultures approach spirituality...but I am a simple mystic--NOT a sorcerer. There is a clear difference. My views might make me a heretic, but certainly not a pagan. The "crystal magic" I was talking about is nothing more than displaying rocks in my home. I do NOT channel, or play with Ouija boards, or any of that hippy claptrap.

I think it's wonderful that you have such strong faith--really, no sarcasm! I'm alarmed that you don't seem to think I have the right to state my beliefs in a positive manner, or even have them, but you're probably a good and moral person, otherwise. May your relationship with God broaden and mature as you grow older. I believe that any religious faith that brings one to God is true...and yes, this is the major point where my beliefs clash with Christianity. I would be willing to discuss the matter with you at any length you choose, or not at all, but first you must agree to be civil.

As you other RS.Netters may notice, I am very disappointed with what seems to have happened to me at XWA. I hope it's a computer glitch of some kind, because if it ain't...I won't be able to post here in good conscience in the future. Sorry.

Note to self: don't discuss religion with complete strangers.

"The entire universe is simply the fractal chaos boundary between intersecting domains of high and low energy."

--Imladil the Zoomunit

"Crystal magic helps the elementally disabled."

--Little Jimmy

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