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Originally Posted by Canderis View Post
Perfect! Stunning! I would touch up the doors a slight bit more. The color on doors look a little too shopped in. Minor detail but since you are getting so good at this it might be worth the effort!
I think you mean gimped. I don't use photoshop . But yeah, I'm not too pleased with the doors myself.

Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post
I like the new floors better now. A reskinned Manaan floor texture?
Nope, just reskinned Endar Spire floors.

Originally Posted by Vindikorr View Post
Looks like there's some tiling issues with the floor in the corners but apart from that it's good.
Eh, that's how the Endar Spire floors were made. Nothing I could really do about that.

Originally Posted by Zhaboka View Post
I wouldn't have noticed those tiling issues if Vindikorr hadn't pointed them out, though, so I feel like it's good enough for the layman's playthrough. If that's even a thing.

Nice work! Very professional-looking.
Thanks, I'm a perfectionist.

Originally Posted by Phildevil View Post
Impressive stuff you got going on there!
Thanks bud!

Originally Posted by newbiemodder View Post
I like what u are doing here LDR. Nice use of that crashed freighter. Is it too clean though? I would think maybe there would be more damage. Second, lighting. Too bright. You could try 2 different tactics. First, dim the lightmaps for each model, make them a tad darker...or..maybe play with the colors in .are file, the sundiffuselight and I forget the other.

Interesdting idea though. Good luck!
I think it's fine the way it is. But I assure you I'm not being snobby about it. I just don't want to spoil the story so I won't go into depth. And I agree, I would love to go for a darker look.

Originally Posted by supreme kotor View Post
Snipped from a message Quanon sent me:
If after these fixes don't work, you might have to edit your .are file.
Look for SunAmbientColor and SunDiffuseColor; for both give in this value:

This will create a "sun' that emits white neutrale light.

If you want a more orangy tint you can try this value out:
Or something blue-ish:

Let me know if that helps!

Cheers ~Q
Thanks! I'll definitely screw around with that, I'll let you guys know what I find.


So... guess who finally hex-edited?! This guy!

Show spoiler

And yes, the windows are like that for a reason. Ever heard of window-protectors?

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