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Originally Posted by Fair Strides 2 View Post
Okay, thanks! Also, a bit much to expect, but do you have the source scripts for the maptable holoprojector? I have the .ncs, which includes the Ebon Hawk OnEnter script.
I'll be sure to have a look when I go back up home and see what I can dig up for you, I'll probably have to have a look and see how it was supposed to work

Originally Posted by Quanon View Post
Woot, GM! Loooooong time no see
I do see you passing by on fun pictures on Fb, now and then. I'll refrain from commenting on them

Very happy you dropped by! As I can't remember all the crazy stuff for that Arena mod thing, besides the heavy purple smoke

Well, minor update on the nameless module: starting to texture it a bit; plus did some more detail work. Here is a snapshot:

Show spoiler

Missing floor ingame has been solved. Forgot to put the pivotpoints at the center of the mesh. Somehow the game DEMANDS this, else everything just gets shifted around. And the floors where editable polyies, again something the game doesn't like to much.

I've got doubts about the yellowness of my textures, think I'll go for a more pure white & red marble look....
Ah yes the public shaming of my alcoholic life... Hahaha.

I definitely have all the files backed up at mine but I'm down at the parents for a bit at the moment so I'll check in the week to see if I saved something detailing all the ideas we came up with. Though your work now is looking amazing as always.

It's been far too many years man, I was flicking through our old threads and found the first post when we made the first new module, madness that it was so long ago haha. I guess that work has had quite the impact on KotOR modding now!

If you're looking for any of the junk I did a few years ago; you can probably still find it all on filefront
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