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I'm actually not using an older version, but the bug still occured for me so I tried the old fix. When it didn't work I did a complete clean install, mods included, and I'm still getting the error.

Also, I never said I wanted modify the quest entry, but I do need to modify the status of the quest. From the link I posted:

"Under Quests -> Landing Rights: quest state must be either 90 or 91. (resolved the Red Eclipse takeover)"

Basically, for whatever reason, the quest didn't register as 'complete' when I finished it, so the 'red-eclipse taking over the Ebon Hawk' cutscene keeps triggering when I try to leave the main area, but only after the Visquiz invitation. I can approach the Ebon Hawk, which will trigger the initial ambush outside the Ebon Hawk again, but the ship itself is empty.

So what I need to do, is edit the quest status to complete, then edit the "301_Nar_Red_Eclipse_At" variable under Numerics to allow me to bypass it and reset the ship's status to functional. If I just edit 301_Nar_Red_Eclipse_At, it will cause the cutscene to reset, only to retrigger.

If I decide to ignore the red eclipse thing and press forward, my game hangs after the Twin Sun fight with Atton.

Edit: I'm placing my bets on some kind of mod conflict... Going to go through the notes of each downloaded mod to make sure I'm not missing anything. Unfortunately I don't have saves prior to Nar Shadaa so I might be SOL even with a reinstall.

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