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Originally Posted by supreme kotor View Post
I'm in love with bendaks blaster! They all look really nice. My advice change the color a little on the zabrak icon a little it dosent full look like the blaster to me. Other then that great work!
Originally Posted by JCarter426 View Post
Wow, again these are fantastic! Looking forward to the rest.

Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post
I approve of this message.
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Why thank you.

Originally Posted by Vindikorr View Post
Oh Yeah! They look amazing. I want, NOW.
Originally Posted by Red Hessian View Post
Ho-ly crap! These look awesome! Can't wait for the release!
Originally Posted by CptPriceless View Post
I am in awe
Thanks all you guys.

All righty, KotOR 2 uses the same icons/textures as KotOR 1 for most of the blasters so I won't show those. However, I will tell you what blasters in KotOR 2 relate to the blasters in KotOR 1, as well as show you two blasters which use completely new icons/textures in KotOR 2.

Blaster Pistol (w_blaste_01, Blaster Pistol in KotOR 1)

Republic Blaster (w_blaste_09, Mandalorian Blaster Pistol in KotOR 1)

Mandalorian Blaster (w_blaste_12, new in KotOR 2)

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Systech Static Blaster and Systech Electric Blaster (w_blaste_13 and w_blaste_25, Arkanian Blaster Pistol in KotOR 1)

Zabrak Blaster Pistol (w_blaste_19, new in KotOR 2)

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Onasi Blaster (w_blaste_22, Zabrak Blaster Pistol in KotOR 1)

Micro-Pulse Blaster (w_blaste_26, Bendak's Blaster in KotOR 1)

The Mandalorian Blaster in KotOR 2 has an... odd texture. The greenish body with blue scope and trigger seems a bit strange to me, but that's the way the icon is so there you have it. Also, after taking the screenshots I noticed the white stripe on the Zabrak Blaster was a bit too dark so I went back into the texture and made it a bit brighter (I didn't feel it to be worth grabbing another screenshot of).

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