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Different colored eyes: My Sulution(s?)

Originally Posted by supreme kotor View Post

Well lately I have seen multiple threads on how to make diffrent colored eyes in ways such as modeling...This is not to put any of thoose threads down im just not the kind of person who likes going into GMax just to change a eye color...

Tools needed:
Gimp or Photoshop (I use Gimp)
1)Make a new folder im going to name mine "Diffrent eyes" without the quotes
2)Open KotorTool---Kotor2---ERF's---swpc_tex_tpa.erf---Letter "P"
3)Choose a PC head that you like (Males are easier) double click and save it in the folder we just made.
4)Close the "P" section and open the "N" section
5)Scroll down and save the head "N_SionH.tpc" (Will save as TGA)
6)Close KotorTool

The reskin: Im just going to paint and your proboly going to cry at my artist skills but you will get the point.
1)Open up the extracted Sion and PC head.
2)Using the free select select this area. Now for a realistic skin tone switch to your PC head and use the eyedroper to take thier skin tone.
3)Go back to your Sion head and use the select by color tool to select most of the face you can just click in randomish spots you want to end with something like this. This leaves enough of the origional head so we still know what were working with.
Show spoiler

4)Now zoom in on the left eye and touch up around it so you end up with something like this:
Show spoiler

5)Now select the 2 eyes and set thier brightness and contrast both to 127 this will completly white them out something like this:
Show spoiler

6)Make a large circle in the eye and color it all black then make a smaller circle within the black and color it whatever color you want the eye to be.
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7)Im not going to finish with the skin because theres other tutorials for that i just did the bare minimum for diffrent eyes and heres an ingame screen
Show spoiler

This head could then be used on anyone in the game effectivly giving two diffrent colored eyes without modeling.

Enjoy-Supreme Kotor
[Tutorial By: supreme kotor
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