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Uhh... it's Emperor Guilo... he has responded... the light has arrived... it is clear... but ever so crisp and perfect... I can "see" the "vision"... wow, I'm making such a big deal out of this!

By the way, Mr. Guilo, I happen to know ChewMe. That is becuase I was here a very long time ago, back when begun. Before Lujayne, R.A.V.E.N., or Lt. Cracken. However, I was disgraced by the posts here and by ChewMe and Nitro (I'm glad that he's improved... a bit), and yes, I remember the "Girl Power" post from ChewMe that really ticked you off. Then, I was even more disgraced by the "apology" from ChewMe, and the many other posts regarding this matter, stating that quote, "Does anyone have the notion that Lujayne has been elected Mod. just becuase she is female?" "I will never post anything obscene or inappropriate again," unquote. I remember you getting really ticked off by his "apology" and banning ChewMe forever. Then, I just forogt about That is why I posted so many "Who's Wedgey???" posts because I wanted to know what happened when I left the forum. I also stopped playing RS, due to the incredible "Curse of Monkey Island." I just got registered about a month ago so I could get a fresh start. Heck, I forgot my username AND my password. Plus, good Lt., I forgot a lot about the forum. I also remember the "Star Wars Movie" post by DRD that ended horribly. ChewMe and Nitro, both doing their "specialty," resulted in ChewMe getting banned and Nitro getting a VERY BIG warning. This is a compliment to your site for keeping bad members where they belong: in a BAN CAN.

Award to Lt. Guilo for all-around good forum-keeping.

Award to Lujayne for being able to withstand ChewMe and for being a sucsesful moderator.

Award to R.A.V.E.N. for making sure all is well in the forum since Guilo himself "retired."

Award to Lt. Cracken for, uhh... "Keeping on his Toes."

"And, your point is..."
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