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To make the NPC go into stealth mode, you could do something like this:

void main()

   object oNPC = GetObjectByTag("NPC");
   object oBelt = GetObjectByTag("g_i_belt006");

      AssignCommand(oNPC, ActionUseSkill(SKILL_STEALTH, oNPC, 0, oBelt));

This requires the NPC to have gi_belt006 (the generic stealth field generator in KotOR 1) equipped. I'm pretty sure there's another way to go about using stealth, but I've never figured it out.

To make the NPC go out of stealth mode I assume you could just call a simple ClearAllActions and ClearAllEffects, such as below.

void main()

   object oNPC = GetObjectByTag("NPC");

      AssignCommand(oNPC, ClearAllActions());
      AssignCommand(oNPC, ClearAllEffects());

I'm pretty certain however that an active participant in a conversation is automatically taken out of stealth mode (at least the PC always is).

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