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Originally Posted by Fair Strides 2 View Post
In that case, make an armband that activates this script:
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That will tell you what's what and should give you each of the party members. Then, in the recruit script, you can just add a line to the code like this:

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We could use custom tokens for an influence system in K1, couldn't we?! Just the tokens and a few .tlk entries...
Thanks I'll try this out and get back to you.

Originally Posted by supreme kotor View Post
Cool, but i dont want to jack Fallen Gaurdian's thread so lets move this over to PM's maybe we can get something started.
Hey if you guys do figure something out I'm sure we'd all love to know.

EDIT: All right, I tried compiling the script and it spat an error out at me for every single custom token. The error was this: "Syntax error at "integer constant."

I tried putting it in Atton's dialog file, to see if the custom tokens could be used within a dialogue, and here's what I got:

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So <CUSTOM0> and <CUSTOM1> are... apparently 0 and 11. Whereas <CUSTOM3> appears to be the date (though it's five days off) and the amount of hours played, or the current time. And then the next few that don't show up as invalid look to be just random numbers again.

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