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In a word: no.

Have not read other posts yet, just OP.

Pretty sure if Disney killed off the franchise from filmmaking, it doesn't affect the games one way or the other.

Since the games are licensed to BioWare, I'd assume it's on those guys for whatever future of SW games there may be, unless I'm missing something.

(The following is just an Opinion influenced by experiences of others, have not played it myself and may still not for awhile yet... )

I wouldn't call SWTOR a flop, but I am scratching my head because the storylines for the Jedi Knight and the Sith Warrior are essentially so polarized. Don't get me wrong, good stories (so I hear) but lacking the flexibility of gray morality. And I look at how characters run just looks funny... There's a few other things about it that need polish and refinement but I would say it generally is pretty far from being bad.

TL;DR: I hear SWTOR could have been so much better, but it still doesn't suck. Other than 1/4 content being polarized and running funny, I got nothing.
Rant over.

I think comics, both omnibus of past stuff and individual issues currently being printed, and stuff like that will continue being printed. Books and such. I have motivation for the essential atlas, as God-awful expensive as it is.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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