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"Avriela? What's wrong? Do you see or hear something?"

"I...I don't know what it is." She said quietly as she reached out through the force. For a moment...just for a moment...she could feel the presence of someone very familiar. And then it shut herself off from her.

Her mouth widend in shock and her mouth was wide open. She slowly turned to Per'dra and whispered something that she still couldn't believe despite just touching his presence a moment ago.

"By the force...Zarev...It's Zarev. He's here." She whispered to Per'dra in amazement. "But...I thought he was dead. He died on Balmorra."

Ruined city

The man with the black robes smiled as he watched Zarev approach from below. The rakghouls that he had taken control of to defend his ship were proving no match for the jedi. He rasied his voice and called out.

"Surrender Jedi! You have no idea of what your getting into. There are powers here far beyond your understanding."

Zarev looked up and narrowed his eyes.

"Hello Master Voleran...or do you go by another name now?"

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