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Light saw the group of six Rakghouls and started following them with his eyes.

"This is a difficult thing to plan for. We know he will probably try, but he is directing a large number of Rakghouls. I'd hope he'd be a bit preoccupied. If you feel yourself losing control, attempt to make a hand signal like this--" he raised his hand with his index and middle fingers down, but the rest up-- "We'll know what's going on and try to spare you, or at least end you quickly." Light steeled himself as he said the last bit, knowing it was a possibility, but hoping it wouldn't come down to that.

"Alright, we should leave someone here with you, Vlalkor, just in case. I'll take the rest with me. I'd like to go after Voleran, but we don't know where he is. Helping the Republic forces has a definite location, but we are going to be fighting a practically endless battle against Rakghouls. So, what should we do Vlalkor? And who do you want to stay with you?"

The group of Rakghouls was getting closer now.

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