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I've found a utility called Flawless Widescreen that automatically makes KotOR work at 1366x768 (and presumably any widescreen resolution). (@Q: Is this the utility you mentioned before?)

Here's a description copy/pasted from a post I made in another thread:

This program is awesome. It's made for making games run properly at "super-widescreen resolutions", but It works for 1366x768 as well (and presumable any other widescreen resolution). It has a specially made plugin for KotOR, that automatically makes the game run at your desired resolution, while dynamically creating properly scaled menu backgrounds and HUD item placements. Movies are scaled properly, and most impressively, *dialogue is displayed correctly*. It does all this through memory manipulation, so there's no need to patch the game's exe like with UniWS (this also means that it works fine with the Steam version of the game, i.e. no need for cracks). You don't even need to do any swkotor.ini editing - FWS does it all for you.

So here's how to do it:

tl;dr: Install Flawless Widescreen + KotOR plugin; run KotOR with FWS in the background; change resolution in-game to 1366x768; play.

Full steps:

Show spoiler

Here are some screenshots demonstrating it working:

FWS's developers deserve a medal. They've provided a solution to a problem that's being plaguing laptop KotOR users for years. If I wasn't a broke university student, I'd donate these guys some money right now.

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