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Originally Posted by Miltiades View Post
To get back to this: I've been doing Primary Testing the last couple of days and I didn't get flagged for PvP when our group's healer, who was flagged, healed me throughout. I did get flagged at another occasion when I healed a flagged person within my group. This is all within a group, but this shouldn't be any different for doing the same with a person not in the group.
Well I have noticed that in groups for heroics or big groups for world bosses and such I can get flagged or flag people, but in FP's it doesn't seem to happen. I don't know for sure about OP's like TFB or S&V or KP and others.

Another question. Before 2.0 I had all the datacrons. Every planet I went to and searched and found them even got the +10 cron. When 2.0 came out I went to Makeb and got those crons. However on Alderaan it all of a sudden says 5 of 7 datacrons found. Are there 2 more datacrons on Alderaan now or is this just a glitch?

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