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"Alright, we should leave someone here with you, Vlalkor, just in case. I'll take the rest with me. I'd like to go after Voleran, but we don't know where he is. Helping the Republic forces has a definite location, but we are going to be fighting a practically endless battle against Rakghouls. So, what should we do Vlalkor? And who do you want to stay with you?"

Vlalkor watched the group of Rakghouls get closer and closer and he thought about his choices quickly.

"I'd like to have Avriela stay with me." He said quietly. She shot a look over in Vlalkor's direction. "No offense intended. I just need someone with close quarter combat experience with me just in case."

Avriala sighed heavily. "No problem." She said turning away from Per'dra and heading over by Vlalkor. "Together we can most likely keep the Rakghouls away from the republic forces."

Ruined City

"I am no longer Voleran of the Jedi." The figure spoke quietly as Zarev forced jumped up from the ground towards Voleran as quickly as he could with his lightsaber ignited. He was jumping from various pieces of debris to get closer to him.

"I am now the Herald. He who shall bring the Galaxy to it's knees for the one who cloaks himself with Shadows. He is the one who will bring peace to this shattered galaxy. The jedi order, the Sith empire, they shall both fall before him. Even the Emperor of the Sith fears him."

Voleran extended his hand and a massive blast of lightning shot out that Zarev was barely able to dodge.

"As should you."
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