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Cracken, I just downloaded the demo. Flying in space isn't that hard if you know what you are doing, and knowing how limited you are on what you do. Fuel and rocket technology is one of the reasons our space program hasn't done much. They say that with the old space shuttle, it could expend all of it's onboard fuel and only be able to change it's orbit inclination by 3 degree's. Tho it would be nice if you could have a spot on the Nav ball that would help you target for a stable orbit

I was able to reach orbit with the 2 stage demo ship with boosters on the 2nd try and only about a 3% eccentricity. my perihelion was just under 80k and my aphelion was around 500k. I was quickly able to notice that there was no atmospheric drag slowing me down. So my guy went EVA, and due to my lack of EVA experience quickly got separated and lost in space

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