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Avriela felt a tear begin to gather in the corner of her eye as she heard Per'dra's message. She knew who and what she had sensed through the force even though it had only been a brief moment of contact. What she didn't know was that Zarev hadn't sensed her as of yet. But she didn't wish to bring Per'dra any pain.

He is one with the Force now. He can't still be alive - not after the fall he took, and his sacrifice! Still...

I know it seems impossible but the Galaxy is full of impossible things. He's alive Per'dra! I felt him in the force and even though it was only briefly he was free of whatever it was that held him in it's grasp on Balmorra.

Ruined City

Zarev! If you are there, and still among the living, know that I love you!

Zarev paused for just a moment as Per'dra message washed over him like a wave as Voleran gathered his energy about him. Joy and happiness washed over him like an ocean. I know, he sent back. It was hearing your love for me that helped me break free of the possesion back on Balmorra. I owe you my life Per'dra and that is why I'm fighting for you and the others even now.

He slowly turned back to Voleran as he heard a chuckle. " the jedi has broken the laws of the Order. Whatever happend to "There is no Passion, There is Serenity?"

Voleran laughed. "I suppose that it was destined to happen. "But know this: Once I finish you, your friends will die. They interfered on Balmorra and killed the one whom was to be his Herald to the Sith Empire. Their continued existance will no longer be tolerated."

Zarev's eyes flashed once as he finally reached Voleran and held his lightsaber ignited in a battle stance.

"You will not harm Per'dra and the others, this I swear." He vowed as Voleran ignited his own lightsaber and the duel began.

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