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Originally Posted by Cmdr. Cracken View Post
@K_Kinnison: maybe I'm just bad at the game? LOL
I'm using the Demo version, and used the default booster rocket and was easily able to achieve a 200k equatorial stable orbit and I even had plenty of Fuel to land back near the space port.

Then I built a rocket with 3 stages, 6 booster, with a 3 engine first stage that got me into Mun orbit and back. Basically did an Apollo 8 mission with one crewman.

The big trick is to use the navigation aid after your initial boost and your apoapsis is above 70k, then near apoapsis you can do a prograde burn to increase and normalize your obit. Just click on your orbit and and add a maneuver, a wheel will pop up and you just pull the prograde handle until your orbit is close to where you want it. Maneuver your craft until you face the blue cross on your nav ball and start your burn about 10 seconds before the maneuver point (I normally need a 20-25sec orbital insertion burn)

I hate you for mentioning this game, I am so hooked on it. Now I want to build bases on all the planets and a big space station.

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