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X-Wing Collector's Edition Problem


I'm having a quite strange problem, which I have not discovered earlier, maybe because of never having finished the game. I hope somebody can help me solving this problem. Here's what happens:

I'm playing X-Wing Collector's Edition currently, the DOS version in German. On a DOS machine. The only thing I had to do so far is applying a slowdown tool on one of the historical missions, where the cruiser never hypers out, maybe some of you know about that problem. I forgot which mission it was. Once slowed down, all was fine. Anyway, everything works fine. Or so I thought.

I have battled my way through tours 1 to 4. No problems so far. Now here's the problem:

When I reach Tour 5 Mission 2 where tugs have to dock b-wings, this just doesn't happen. Instead of docking the b-wings the tugs head home into their hangar and nothing happens. When you use Alt-R to check the tugs' status all say 'heading home'. There seems to be nothing I can do, even if I finish the mission, shoot down the star destroyer, even after a long time, no new tugs appear to finish the mission.

When I use the TopAce pilot on the disc to play that mission in the historical section, the same happens, tugs head home. Seems the topace uses the same script, just has technically clearance for all missions.

I checked even YouTube, where found a playthrough of that mission, it is the DOS version, but it is the English one. There, shortly after the mission starts the tugs dock and everything is fine. The player there doesn't use Alt-R in the video, but I bet there you get 'proceeding with mission', at least anything but 'heading home'. They dock, all hyper out in the end, mission complete.

I could post more details about my system here, but I don't think my PC is the problem, I tested the mission with different speeds, didn't change anything.
I have plenty of memory available, I don't think it is a memory problem. I think it is rather a broken script file for that mission. Maybe if I will have time I will check behavior with less memory, but currently I am too annoyed to do so. Luckily I got an XMS eater.

Checked the web, but didn't find anything related. If there was a patch for my budget release it is not available anymore, as even the publisher is no more. There are no patches on LucasArts' helpdesk for the CD-Rom release.

I identified that file on the CD. If I could find the mission files from the English disc, which works fine on YouTube, I could exchange these files on my disc and probably after 20 years finish the game. But I do not own the English disc, and I do not want to buy one just for one mission. After all, I already own the game.

Would be the simplest solution to the problem, if somebody is willing to help me out with this. Maybe somebody here had the same problem as me, knows how to solve it differently. If so, I appreciate any help.

Many thanks in advance!
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